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Let’s Talk About Adding Garlic to Your Diet for These 4 Healthy Benefits

Let’s talk about garlic. More specifically, let’s talk about the health benefits you can derive from adding garlic to your diet and eating it more regularly. Not only is garlic very tasty and a great addition to some of our favorite savory dishes, it also happens to be good for the body. It has been used as a medicinal compound for millennia and has some amazing antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Adding garlic to your diet like the cloves shown here on a tree stump have many health benefits

Adding Garlic To Your Diet Can Lower Blood Pressure

Did you know that adding garlic to your diet can lower blood pressure? It’s also great for your arteries and your heart. As a result, garlic can help reduce your chances of suffering from a stroke or heart attack. While eating plenty of this shouldn’t replace the advice of your doctor, it can’t hurt to season and spice up your food with plenty of delicious garlic. Over time, you may be able to lower and even replace your blood pressure medication.

Garlic Supports The Immune System

People who eat garlic regularly report suffering from less colds and may even avoid getting the flu. In addition, there’s plenty of empirical evidence that consuming large amounts of garlic can reduce both the length and severity of these types of illnesses. Since ancient times, garlic has been known to cure infections and is often called “nature’s antibiotic”. Boost your immune system and spend less time being sick by eating plenty of garlic.

Garlic Helps Improve Your Cholesterol Levels

In addition to lowering your blood pressure, the active compounds in garlic have also been shown to lower bad and boost good cholesterol. You have to eat quite a bit of it and do so regularly to see the work of garlic show up in your bloodwork. That being said, I’d rather eat lots of delicious garlic than swallow a bunch of different pills with nasty side effects. Combined with a whole foods based, healthy diet, and some exercise, adding garlic to your diet may be just what you need to get off those meds.

Adding Garlic To Your Diet May Even Help Slow Down Aging

Last but not least, let’s talk about slowing down aging. The same compounds that help you stay healthy; may also help you live a longer life. Not bad for a little bulb that comes from the ground and tastes delicious. Areas where garlic consumption has been high have long had some of the longest living populations. While garlic isn’t the only reason for these long lives, it certainly seems to promote the slowdown of the aging process and improve overall health and well-being.

The many health benefits of garlic are a great excuse to start using it even more. Start with fresh garlic, slice it thinly or chop it by hand and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes before cooking or eating it to give the active compounds a chance to activate. Don’t crush your garlic or you’ll lose some of the healthy properties.

How will you be adding garlic to your diet?

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