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Foods With Hidden Sugars

Do you really know how much hidden sugars there are in the foods you eat and your beverages? When you are avoiding sugar to improve your health, you should understand the different names that manufacturers use for this sweet substance.

Keep in mind that manufacturers create new types of sweeteners all the time, so this list may not always be 100% up to date. To determine if a product at the grocery store has any type of sugar, you must read the entire ingredient list. Ingredients are listed in majority order, so if you look at a food label and see sugar as the first ingredient, that means sugar is the main component!

Box listing foods that contain hidden sugars

Here is a list of 60 different names for the added sugar in foods and beverages:

• Agave nectar
• Barbados sugar
• Barley malt
• Barley malt syrup
• Beet sugar
• Brown sugar
• Buttered syrup
• Cane juice
• Cane juice crystals
• Cane sugar
• Caramel
• Carob syrup
• Castor sugar
• Coconut palm sugar
• Coconut sugar
• Confectioner’s sugar
• Corn sweetener
• Corn syrup
• Corn syrup solids
• Date sugar
• Dehydrated cane juice
•Demerara sugar
• Dextrin
• Dextrose
• Evaporated cane juice
• Free-flowing brown sugars
• Fructose
• Fruit juice
• Fruit juice concentrate
• Glucose
• Glucose solids
• Golden sugar
• Golden syrup
• Grape sugar
• HFCS (High-Fructose Corn Syrup)
• Honey• Icing sugar
• Invert sugar
• Malt syrup
• Maltodextrin
• Maltol
• Maltose

• Mannose
• Maple syrup
• Molasses
• Muscovado
• Palm sugar
• Powdered sugar
• Raw sugar
• Refiner’s syrup
• Rice syrup
• Saccharose
• Sorghum Syrup
• Sucrose
• Sugar (granulated)
• Sweet Sorghum
• Syrup• Treacle
• Turbinado sugar
• Yellow sugar

Remember, too, that.....
the beverages and foods that are labeled as “natural”, “organic”, “heart healthy”, or “low-calorie” can still have added sugar.

Many foods have hidden sugar that you might not expect. By reading labels and knowing the different names used for sugar, you will be able to avoid it or reduce it as needed.

Here is a list of some foods that you may be surprised to learn often have hidden sugars:

Sauces and condiments
Nut butters
Bacon and sausage
Deli meats
Canned foods

Food and beverage manufacturers know that adding sugar to their products will leave you craving more.

“It’s impossible to avoid because sugar is in everything!”

Also, some forms of sugar will help to preserve foods, giving the items a longer shelf life at the supermarket.

Despite the stealth nature of food and beverage manufacturers trying to sneak sugar into our foods, it is possible to avoid consuming it.

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