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(Funny Video) Working Out Feels Like This Sometimes

We’ve all felt like this at one time or another – yes, even me!

Losing weight can be a lonely process. Considering the obesity rates in first-world countries, there are plenty of others in the same situation. 

The good news?

We help you feel like this video LESS because we keep things fun around here! 

So let’s have some fun and get our bodies moving each day!

So Why is Daily Movement Important?

A lot of people dread exercise because they connect working out with weight loss and body image and feel like it’s something they are “supposed to do” and not necessarily enjoy. They go to the gym and use cardio machines and do dozens of crunches and then feel miserable because they don’t have a fitness model body. So, they stop going.

Moving your body every day is about more than just exercise and looking better. Healthy movement improves your thinking, relationships and purpose in life. As a bonus, it will also improve your health, body composition and function. Plus, healthy movement is about doing activities you actually enjoy.

But if you’re anything like me there will be days when you’re too busy and can’t manage your normal exercise routine.  For those days I’ve created a minimalist 10-minute workout to help you stay in shape.

I don’t know anyone who can’t find at least 10 minutes of free time in their day. If you spend any time at all on social media, then you have enough time to get this workout done.

10-minute No-Equipment Home Workout

Move through each exercise in sequence. Don’t rest between exercises. At the end of the circuit, rest 1-2 minutes. Repeat the circuit 2-4 times depending on how much time you have available.

30 seconds bear crawl

5 reverse lunges (per leg)

5 push-ups

5 squats

5 bench dips

5 glute bridges

30 second elbow plank

*If you are not sure what these movements look like do a search on YouTube for the movement you are not sure about.

If you DO have equipment at home, feel free to use dumbbells for the reverse lunges and squats.


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