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Are You Drinking Lemon Water To Detoxify?

Our body is an amazing self-cleaning system that can filter out all sorts of bad stuff we consume in our food or produce as part of the digestion process.

Why not help this process along by drinking a few glasses of hot or cold lemon water throughout the day? This particular beverage will benefit you in a variety of different ways. Let’s take a look at what lemon water will do for you when it comes to detoxifying.

The Water Helps Flush Things Out And Prevents Dehydration

We need plenty of water to flush out anything our bodies can’t use. To make sure this happens in an efficient way, we need to drink plenty of water. The more dehydrated we get, the harder things like liver and kidneys have to work to eliminate waste and toxins.

Make it easy on these crucial organs and stay healthy by drinking plenty of water. Adding lemon, in addition to other health benefits makes it easier to drink plenty of it throughout the day. Mix it up with cold, warm, and hot lemon water. For even more variety add some sliced cucumber or ginger to your water in addition to the lemon.

drinking lemon water is a great way to detox your body

It’s Good For Your Liver And Gallbladder

The water isn’t the only thing that’s good for your internal organs. Phytonutrients and antioxidants in lemon are also good for your liver and may even help your gallbladder product bile more efficiently.

Any little break you can give your body when it comes to filtering out and removing toxins is helpful and adding a slice of lemon or two to your water is such an easy and flavorful thing to do. Take advantage of lemon’s benefits and drink a few glasses of lemon water each day.

Let’s Not Forget About The Vitamin C

Last but not least, let’s not forget about the vitamin c in lemon. While you won’t get a lot of this powerful vitamin and anti-oxidant per glass of lemon water, they quickly add up if you make it a daily habit.

The lemon in your water may just be enough to prevent scurvy and give your immune system a much needed boost. In addition, vitamin C in particular among the anti-oxidants seems to help in the prevention of cancer.

Lemon also contains potassium which can help reduce blood pressure. Combined with the fact that lemon juice aids in digestion and has antibacterial properties, it’s no wonder this particular fruit and its juice have been consumed for ages.

In addition to adding sliced lemon and/or lemon juice to your water, consider adding it throughout your cooking and meal prep. Olive oil and lemon juice combined make a tasty and clean salad dressing, while sliced lemons add a lot of flavor to chicken, fish, and vegetables while they roast or grill.

Pick up some fresh lemons on your next trip to the grocery store and start to incorporate more of this citrus fruit to your diet … and your water of course.


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lemon water made with a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon and a lemon slice as garnish

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