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Do You Know What The Top 5 Tips To Reading Food Labels Like A Pro Are?

Why Reading Food Labels Is So Important

Reading Food Labels

Reading food labels correctly on keto cannot be stressed enough.

It is one of most critical steps to success in your keto journey so you know and understand exactly what you are putting in your body. 

When I first started on my Keto journey reading food labels was a little tricky at first until I learned exactly what to look for.

Food labels have become increasingly more informative and easier to read for even beginning label readers to know what they are consuming. 

Reading food labels will make it so much easier for you to judge what type of food product is good enough to put in your body. It will also help you easily compare the food products and select the best option for your Ketogenic diet.


First things first. Check the ingredients. You have no idea how many foods have hidden carbs in them. Don’t let yourself be fooled by products that claim to be keto. You’ll be amazed when you read the labels to see what ingredients they are actually putting in their products. 

Next is to check the amount and size of servings contained in a package because the nutritional values are written relative to that size of a serving.

Serving sizes are mentioned to make it easier to compare similar amounts of food products. Every nutritional fact mentioned on the label is influenced by that serving size.

The Total Number of Calories

The next thing you should check is the number of calories. It will tell you how many calories you are consuming per serving. You can easily calculate the number of calories that you have consumed based on the amount of the food product you have eaten.

Calories are very important because the number of calories you consume or burn determine whether you are going to gain or lose weight. For instance, if you consume or burn 3500 calories, you are going to gain or lose one pound of weight respectively.

Nutrients to avoid:

reading food labels on foods like back of this jar of Rao's marinara sauce gives you the nutrition and ingredients in the productThe number and type of nutrients listed let you know how much energy you are consuming and how are the ingredients of this food product are going to affect or nourish your body.

While reading the label, check for things like the type of fat. Learn more here about how not all fats are created equal. Find out which ones are good for you and the ones you need to completely avoid if you intend to maintain your health or lose weight. 

You also want to check for the number of grams for carbohydrates and sugar.

Nutrients to focus on:

On the flip side, look for foods that have high amounts of fiber, calcium, iron, proteins, zinc and a variety of vitamins. These nutrients will nourish your body and get you through your day without draining you of energy.

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