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Stay Safe During The Coronavirus Outbreak With These 16 Grocery Shopping Tips

The only reason most of us are leaving our homes these days is to hit the grocery stores. But how do you stay safe?

Grocery shopping is one of those basic rituals we never thought twice about until recently, but we need to be vigilant in protecting ourselves, other shoppers and store employees.

Here are 16 tips to practice safe (and friendly) shopping next time you need to stock up.

16 Grocery Shopping Tips To Stay Safe During the Coronavirus Outbreak

1. Plan Your Visit & Have A List

2. Consider Grocery Delivery or Pickup

3. Go Shopping At A Time That’s Less Busy

4. Wash Your Hands Before and After Grocery Shopping

5. Wear A Mask

6. Practice Social Distancing (Stay at least 6 feet from other people)

7. Take Advantage of Sanitizing Wipes and Stations

8. Take Hand Sanitizer With You

9. Keep Your Hands to Yourself as Much as Possible

10. Grab The Items That You Need And Try Not To Touch The Items You Are Not Going To Buy

11. Pay with a Credit or Debit Card

12. Stop Stockpiling (Be mindful of other shoppers)

13. Disinfect All Nonporous Containers and Any Surfaces Your Grocery Bags Have Touched

14. Wash Your Produce and Fruit

15. Wash Your Reusable Bags After Every Shopping Trip

16. Relax And Reward Yourself For Having Taken Control Of Your Life, Your Health And Your Safety.

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16 Grocery Shopping Tips

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