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Belgian chocolate made with stevia instead of sugar and a cup of coffee with stevia tabs

Why Stevia is a Great Sugar Substitute To Add Into Your Keto Lifestyle

The sugar substitute stevia has started to appear in so many products recently, including Coca-Cola, that people can be forgiven for thinking it’s just another food fad with no basis in fact or science.

However, that is not actually the case. Stevia is one of the world’s oldest sweeteners, which has been used for centuries with no reports of harmful side effects.

Strawberries with a spoonful of stevia

It is one of the best replacements for sugar when you’re doing Keto. 

Stevia is more commonly known as sugar leaf or sweet leaf. It is a plant in the sunflower family that grows in Central and South America, Mexico, and some U.S. states including Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. It was used by the Guarani people in parts of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Bolivia as candy leaf for more than 1500 years. They used the herb for sweetening tea or as refreshment by chewing it.

A wide variety of research studies have been conducted that suggest stevia is completely natural, safe, and calorie free for using as a sweetener in beverages and food. The plant’s sweetness is due to a substance called glycoside, which some researchers say is 300 times sweeter than sugar but does not have the side effects of raising blood sugar like its artificial or refined counterparts.

The Reasons For Using Stevia 

Stevia is a great natural sugar substitute for several reasons. It has 0 calories and 0 impact on blood sugar. This makes it ideal for those with diabetes. It is very sweet, so a little goes a long way and keeps you feeling satisfied, without any rollercoaster of sugar cravings the way you get if you eat sugar.

Belgian chocolate made with stevia instead of sugar and a cup of coffee with stevia tabs

Benefits of Stevia

-Stevia has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries and provides some health benefits.

-According to a double-blind placebo study, consuming Stevia on a regular basis may help patients with mild hypertension reduce their blood pressure. Not only this, but studies have shown that the herb may potentially reduce the growth of breast cancer; however, that research is still too early to find a direct correlation.

-It may help prevent tooth decay.

-It has anti-inflammatory properties and may prove more beneficial for weight loss than sugar because of the absence of calories.

-It also the potential to treat endocrine diseases such as diabetes, obesity and more.

-Studies have shown that consuming Stevia does not affect metabolism or eating habits in the short term. This means that people do not tend to overeat after eating a meal made with Stevia instead of sugar. Also, the insulin level of study participants remained lower after eating Stevia than after other sugar substitutes like sucrose or aspartame.

The Risks of Stevia

There are no risks associated with natural stevia at present other than an overly sweet taste if people add too much of it to their food.

However, now that the food industry is trying to turn stevia into a cash crop, there might be some risks if you’re not careful. Since its fluffy green appearance and texture makes it unsuitable for a lot of uses, such as putting in tea or coffee, or baking it with, it is processed to make it look like table sugar.

The trouble with this is that the chemicals used and ingredients added can be unhealthy for you. In some cases, they add other forms of sugar to it with names like dextrose, defeating the purpose of using stevia to avoid blood sugar spikes and calories.

Whenever possible, look for organic stevia and the statement that it is 100% pure on the label. Read all labels carefully, especially if you are shopping online and compare prices. Pure organic stevia will be more expensive. Also skip the little packets. They are much more expensive pound for pound.

Add stevia to your diet in small quantities to see if you like the taste and to make sure you don’t overdo it when adding it to your favorite drinks and recipes. Then see what a difference it makes to your health.

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